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Stevenson Associates, Inc.
Reinsurance Intermediary and Consulting Services
  • Reinsurance program design and structure
  • Accounting Illustrations
  • Proposal preparation
  • Marketing and placement
  • Assistance with contract language
  • Familiarity with regulatory, accounting, and other compliance issues
  • Treaty analysis

With our experience in the global market and our professional approach to the intermediary business and consulting services, we are committed to providing you with creative and innovative solutions.  For a more comprehensive, in-depth discussion of the custom tailored program we can provide to meet your company's unique needs, please call or click here.
Our clients utilize reinsurance strategies for:
  • Developing partnerships to share in financing costs and insurance risks to support new business development and company growth on a sound financial basis
  • Increasing Return on Equity (ROE) or Statutory Returns (IRR) through reinsurance to enhance company value
  • Utilizing reinsurance as a statutory surplus management tool while meeting regulatory scrutiny
  • Blending complementary tax positions between ceding companies and reinsurers
  • Improving pricing competitiveness for insurance companies
  • Meeting strategic goals for stable and predictable earnings
  • Improving capital ratios at costs more favorable than Surplus Notes
  • Financing deferred acquisition costs or embedded values
Complex reinsurance solutions simplified to insure your position in today's and tomorrow's markets.
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  • Design and review risk analysis and modeling techniques for reinsurance transactions
  • Perform portfolio valuations
  • Develop reinsurance pricing strategies with particular emphasis on risk reward relationships
  • Experience monitoring and review
  • Arbitration and/or expert witness

Providing Solutions That Work For You
  • Structured reinsurance and financially oriented reinsurance programs
  • Integrated risk programs and catastrophic risk protection
  • Block divestitures or acquisitions
  • Economic synergies with reinsurance partners
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